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7 reasons to buy a property in France

Posted on 25 October 2019


1. There is something for everyone
Whether you prefer a rural retreat or a city centre apartment, a lively market town or a peaceful village, to be in the mountains, by the coast or in the countryside, you will find your ideal location in France. There is just so much choice – it is no wonder France is the most visited country in the world!

2. There is also a huge choice in the type of property you buy
From historic châteaux to ultra-modern new-builds, and almost everything in between! You will easily find your dream home in France.

3. The weather
It’s no secret that France enjoys better weather than the UK, and, as a general rule, the further south you travel the warmer it becomes. If the scorching temperatures of the Côte d’Azur are too much for you then the north and central areas of France still have warm temperatures but also a welcome breeze.

4. The food and wine
There is huge regional diversity in food and wine but with classic cuisine like confit de canard, cassoulet, tarte au citron and, of course, croissants, you won’t go hungry. There are also world-famous wine-producing areas including Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne. The best place to stock up on local food is the village market and family run shops.

5. The lifestyle
Many people cite the relaxed lifestyle as the reason they move to France. Expect to see businesses close for lunch and on Sundays and don’t even think about trying to get anything done during August – the whole country is on holiday! Instead grab a table at your favourite café, order an aperitif and watch a game of pétanque.

6. France has great public services
The high social contributions you have to pay in France and put to good use and the country has a good free education system and an efficient healthcare system both of which you will be entitled to use if you live and work in France and pay your social charges. Public transport is also efficient, regular and cheaper than the UK.

7. France has a fairly stable property market
Compared with many other European hotspots, France has a relatively stable property market and there is always high demand for properties in the Alps or along the Riviera. The buying process is also well regulated and fairly straightforward.

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